Debbie Murray
Beautiful Grand Junction, CO
(970) 589-6356

I fell in love at first sight with an Irish Setters as a young child. I remember visiting one of my father's friends. As we entered the recreation room, my eye caught a large magnificent male Irish Setter lying regally near the fireplace. I cannot remember who my father's friend was, but I never forgot the dog.

Shortly after my husband and I were married around 1974, we purchased our first Irish Setter, Mandy. She was a delight from the beginning and I was in love. Our 2nd was purchased in the late eighties, Misty. She was mostly the kids' dog as I was busy raising the kids.

After our children left home, we purchased a Gordon Setter, Abbey and an English Setter, Lizzie. A friend had taken me to a dog show, and I decided that I wanted to try showing dogs. Although Abbey and Lizzie were beautiful dogs, they were field dogs and not show dogs, so we decided in the spring of 2001 we would purchase an Irish Setter for show.

My husband came home one day and told me that I could not get an Irish Setter because the people down the street had mine. What he didn't realize was that he had actually spoken the truth. Shortly after that my friend called to tell me that she thought she had the perfect dog for me, and surprisingly it was the dog down the street. Apparently this was not the right home for an Irish Setter. Molly at the time called Scarlet had chewed up something as young puppies often do and the man told his wife that she had one hour to get her out of the house or he was going to shoot her. Fortunely they lived right next to a veterinarian who was a friend to the lady who was helping me get an Irish Setter. Molly was only three months and again I fell in love at first sight and so did my husband. Molly was a near perfect dog. I can't remember one thing that she ever chewed up. My thought had been that her first home was so bad that she was just happy to be in a home that loved her. Molly was to spoil me in that she gave me a false impression on the way it really is. Other dogs would come to show me reality. Her championship came easy. Shortly after she turned two we took her to the February Denver shows. She came in with no points and after four days, she had 10 points and 3 majors. Within a few months she was a champion. Everyone who met Molly fell in love with her. I once had a lady tell me that she didn't even like dogs, but if she was going to have a dog, it would be Molly. I believe that she was my little angel and God gave her to me when I needed her most. I was the County Administrator of a small little county. I had made a lot of needed changes that were not popular. I needed to come home and be loved. Molly always did that.

Every Irish Setter that we have had since Molly, we loved and have learned so much from them. Feel free to browse are website and see all of all setters. They are all such a delight.