Paddie was my 1st dog to receive an invitation to the Eukanuba.  Paddie received the invitation for completing her Grand Champion Title in 2010.  Paddie was the 24th Irish Setter to earn this new title.  We had so much fun at Eukanuba.  Congratulations to Pam Gale and Bo, Ch Galewinns Put Me in Coach for winning the breed in the Bred By Exhibitor Class.

Eukanuba 2010

2008 ISCA National Dog Show

Paddie's 1st dog show was the 2008 ISCA National Dog Show.  We had only had Paddie 3 weeks and she was ten months old.  I was delighted when Paddie made the cut in sweeps.  In the regular class Paddie not only made the cut but went on to place 2nd in the 9 to 12 month class.  Michael Faulkner was able to see her beautiful movement with such reach and drive.  

2008 ISCA National Dog Show